Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recent Work

Here are some arrows recently finished for some folks.
The first three sets are for a family who have been shooting for some time. The daughter has recently become involved with the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and needed additional arrows as the set I made for her a few years ago had finally dwindled down.
These arrows are proof positive that not all my arrows have a kitchen sink's worth of art thrown at them. Sometimes relatively plain is what the archer wants, and that's what they get. All the quality is still there, just not the same amount of art.

This first picture has given me all sorts of grief. It shows properly on my computer but as soon as I upload it to the blog it falls on its side. After a dozen attempts to get it right I'm giving up and posting it as is.

Almost everyone has something nice to say about well executed purple arrows, but hardly any men will shoot them. I think it's a great color to work with and the results are something I'd be happy to have in my quiver.
These two sets are for an old friend who I lost track of for a while. He's now recovered from a divorce and leading a happy life with a new partner.

These arrows for Gary's partner have just a tiny bit of gold paint fading out from under the cresting. It's just a little bit extra to really set them apart from other arrows.

Thanks for looking!


Garith said...

Love the blue arrows above the ones with the gold bleeding out from the cresting. Hummm maybe do that with the blue ones......

Guy Taylor said...

Hi, Garith. It's good to see you.
That's what I love about arrow making "out of the box." There are just so many different things that can be done.
The faded gold on those arrows is done with an airbrush and airbrush paint. There's no reason why something similar couldn't be done on a blue pattern. Personally, I like silver better than gold but a metallic blue would be pretty interesting, too.