Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finished and Shipped

I got these arrows finished last night and shipped out this afternoon. They turned out really nice: horn reinforced self-nocks with the leading edge of the fletching wrapped with thread to ease the feather's passage over tender skin when shooting off the knuckle.
When wrapping the leading edge of the feathers I usually like to use the raptor cut because I can trim the vane to accomodate the thread and not change the profile of the fletch. However, if care is taken to not cut too far into the feather then this traditional shape looks pretty good.
These arrows are a birthday present for the recepient. He told me what he wanted but Mom and Dad did the funding. How cool is that to have parents who know there are better gifts for an archer than a new sweater?

Happy Archery!


Garith said...

I just love the look of those arrows. I would not want to shoot them. Then I would have to find them as I still suck at shooting.

But worlds better then a sweater.

Guy Taylor said...

Thanks, Garith!
I have a smart ass answer for people who worry about losing arrows or not being able to find a particular color pattern behind the target: Don't Miss!
Yeah, I know, not a lot of help... but still better than a sweater :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, I shot ALL of them today at the Arroyo and man are they sweet! Thanks Guy! Garith, I know what you mean about not wanting to shoot great looking arrows. That's why nice looking arrows need to be well made so they shoot consistently and true...and of this Guy is a master!

Couldn't be happier!

Guy Taylor said...

I love comments like this almost as much as I enjoy making arrows.

Ciera said...

How does one go about ordering arrows from you anyways? I'm new to this site and couldn't find a way to send a personal message to you, Guy. (Of course, it's very possible that I'm just blind and missing it)

I recently bought a very nice Mongolian recurve bow, and would love to have a set of your gorgeous arrows to compliment the colors of my bow.

Guy Taylor said...

Hi, Ciera. Thanks for leaving your note. My contact info is in various places on the blogs but I guess I'd better make sure it's more visible.
You can email me at and I'd be happy to assist you.