Friday, May 21, 2010

Yes, We Have Bamboo Shafts!

Bamboo shafts are back in hand.
My first batch of bamboo shafts kind of sat around for a while. People looked at them, asked a couple questions, and then kept on walking. But when I took them to the Chamberlin Ranch shoot there was a sudden interest in them and every single bamboo shaft I had on hand was sold.
I've got them back on hand now, they're weighed and ready to go.
Suitable for Western archery or Kyuodo, these are Tonkin cane, the shafts are straightened, heat treated, and the nodes are knocked down. These bamboo shafts are almost arrows, needing only your skills as an arrow maker to turn them into accurate, tough, and hard hitting arrows.

As before, the shafts are available in 84cm/33" and 100cm/39" lengths.  They are $3.00 each, plus actual shipping; US orders only. I'm sorry but international shipping is just too expensive and too much of a trial to deal with.
These shafts are unspined but they are weighed. If you have a particular weight you are looking for I'll get as good a group as possible in that weight. If you don't have something particular you're looking for, give me your bow specifics and I'll do my best to get you something applicable.
Included with my shipment was a very limited quantity of 100cm shafts that have been spined by the manufacturer. While spining is not usually necessary for bamboo, he does have them spined for the American market, where we are accustomed to dealing with spined arrow shafts. I only have these spined shafts in 55/60 and they will be available until I run out of them. Each one is stamped just as you see. Price is the same as un-spined bamboo shafts. He didn't charge me extra, I'm not going to charge you extra.

If you've never used bamboo arrows you are in for a treat. Called by some "Nature's carbon arrow shaft" bamboo is tough, fast, and shoots great. Just as with carbon shafts, they shoot well from a wide range of bow weights. Tuning may be accomplished by playing with shaft weight, tip weight, and overall length.

Let me know if you have any questions about what nocks or tips to use, how to make bamboo arrows, or anything else you're not sure about. I'll be glad to help.

Grass, it's the new/old arrow!


Anonymous said...

I recently recieved some finished bamboo shafts from Guy. If I could only choose one word for both his product and his service it would be "Fantastic". I much appreciate the tough nature and the Xtra speed you gain from a quick recovering bamboo arrow and Guy makes going from finished shaft to arrow almost too easy. All I dad to do was add feathers, a nock and a point to have thee best shooting arrows available for my recurve.


Kevin said...

still not sure which shaft is better, bamboo or wood. I shoot cedar wooden arrows for a long time, but would like to get some bamboo arrows for a try.