Monday, February 20, 2012

Time is Running Out!

Last chance to enter the arrow raffle!

The arrow raffle I am running will be ending soon. I will make the drawing on February 26th at the SCA event, Queen’sChampion Archery & Thrown Weapons & Barony of The Angels’ Robin HoodTourney (Phew! That’s a mouthful!).

Take a look at this blog entry from a short while ago for full details:
Arrow Raffle for a Worthy Cause

At this date, if you want to enter the raffle but haven’t yet, the best way to enter is to see me at the aforementioned event. If that is not possible, I think PayPal would be the way to go so there are no unfortunate surprises with slow mail keeping checks or money orders from arriving in time.
Contact me at for details.

Wouldn't you like a chance to have some arrows like these for yourself?

Happy archery!

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