Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chamberlin Ranch Traditional Rendezvous, April 14-15, 2012

Lots of archery clubs hold 3D shoots throughout the year. Most of the shoots are mixed, with traditional archers participating amongst compound archers. In itself, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. I'm not one of those guys who says cables and pulleys make it an arrow launching device rather than an actual bow. But still, sometimes it's fun to do a shoot with just our own folks wandering around.

The shot set ups on a traditional-only shoot are sometimes a little different with most of them being hunting scenarios appropriate for traditional equipment. You don't see a whole lot of 60yd shots. There also seems to be more shots with something in the way like a tree that you have to shoot around or a bush that you need to kneel to shoot under. Sometimes there is even a shot where you have to lie down on a scrap of carpet to shoot under a low slung rope. Conmpound archers don't seem to get into shots like these. They generally like their shots straight, clear, and long.

Many archery clubs hold a yearly traditional only shoot sometime during the year. In my mind, the best one of the year for the southern and central California area is the Chamberlin Ranch Traditional Rendezvous. And guess what? It's coming up soon!

This year the Chamberlin shoot will be held April 14, 15. Although, many of us get up there a few days earlier to squeeze as much fun as possible out of the event. I'll probably be getting there about Tuesday or Wednesday.

The shoot is held on a private ranch just north of the small town of Los Olivos, which is somewhat north of the beautiful little town of Solvang. The area is full of wineries, antique shops, and lots of wonderful little shops carrying who-knows-what. Some of the shoot participants have wives who look forward to the shoot just as much as their husbands so they can shop and wine taste while their hubby shoots arrows. Of course, some of those wives shoot arrows too and they look forward to the shoot for the same reasons as their husbands do.

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For more information about the shoot go to the Traditional Bowhunters of California website.

Happy archery!

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