Friday, July 20, 2012

Arrow Sale at

Ok, folks. I've got some stock arrows that I'm tired of looking at! Let's get these puppies to some new homes.

I'm offering 10% off the listed price on arrows that I have already made. These are good arrows I just want to get them out so I can make room for some new designs.
You can see these arrows by going to the Greenman Archery web page and clicking on the Available Items button on the left side.
Or, just go straight to the Available Items page in one click.

Here is a sample of just some of the available arrows, please see the page for individual specs...

Hapy Archery and thanks for looking!


John Ridd said...

Very pretty arrows, I especially like the purpley ones.

Guy Taylor said...

Thanks, John. I appreciate your comment on my work.
The purple arrows are one set in some special ones I've done recently. The cresting on those matches the service ribbon for the American Armed Services Purple Heart, the medal signifying a service man or woman who was wounded in action.
Right above the purple arrows is a picture of arrows representing the Vietnam service ribbon. The first set of arrows in this blog post have cresting matching the service ribbon for duty in Afghanistan.
I've gotten some good reaction to these arrows when vets see them in my booth at shoots. One fellow fell in love with a set that had the Vietnam service ribbon cresting and hand painted crown in tiger stripe camo. He left the shoot with a new set of arrows that really mean something to him, as well as my thanks for his service.