Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Act of Kindness

A friend took me to lunch today at Nic's Pizza in Apple Valley. I'd been helping her move some stuff around in her garage. She decided we were both hungry so off we went.
The waitress in Nic's seated us, took our drink order, and began to walk away when my friend called her back. I thought she wanted to change her iced tea to something else.
"I want the check for that table," she told the waitress, pointing to a table with two men sitting at it over by the windows.
I glanced over and it was a Marine Staff Sergeant and a Lance Corporal having lunch.
Although my friend tried to pay for their lunch anonymously the men found out who had done it and came to our table to thank her. In turn, she thanked them for the job they are doing and told them to be careful.
I got a little choked up.
Thank you to the Marines for doing what they do.
Thank you to my friend for an unselfish act of kindness.


Jessica said...

Wow it's amazing the impact that covering a small lunch bill can have. Your friend is very kind-hearted. My brother is in the military and this has me a little teary eyed, others should make efforts like this to support our troops!

BestRecurveBowSpot.com said...

Yes, thank you marines. That was a very kind and generous thing she did. Very appreciated by all.