Saturday, October 18, 2008

Arrows available!

While I normally make arrows only to order, I do have a few sets I made up to sell at events that are still available. All these arrows are currently uncut. Price includes cutting to length and installing glue-on field points. They arrive in your hands ready to shoot. All prices are plus actual shipping cost.

These arrows have something of a camo effect on the shaft. The red nocks and fletching give the arrows just the right splash of color and keep them from being drab. This is a full dozen, Sitka spruce, 45/49# spine, banana cut fletching, $90.

These black and silver arrows are a half dozen, Sitka spruce, 55/59# spine, and available for $45. This is a really great looking set with special artwork on the shaft.

These pink arrows are a half dozen, Sitka spruce, 40/44# spine, and available for $40. These would be great arrows for someone shooting a lighter bow who is comfortable with pink. If you think your partners would give you a bad time for having pink arrows, just tell them to remember that while they spend 15 minutes searching for their drab colored arrows behind the target butt.

Special note: these pink arrows are currently part of a benefit auction taking place on If you're interested in them, go there and you'll find them in the Trade Blanket section.

Update: These arrow are GONE. I'm delivering them tomorrow and the lucky Lady will be getting her new arrows.

If you're interested in any of these arrows just let me know.

Thanks for looking!

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