Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bamboo Arrow Shafts

I have a limited number of these bamboo shafts available for sale. I have two lengths, 85cm / 33 1/2" and 100cm / 39 1/4". These shafts are almost completely ready to go with the skin already removed, the nodes flattened, and only needing final straightening. They are not graded by spine like the arrows shafts we are accustomed to, they are sorted by weight. These shafts are a great deal at $3.00 each plus actual shipping.

April 13, 2010 update: these shafts got a great reception at the 2010 Chamberlin Ranch shoot and are all gone. I have more on order. When they arrive I'll make another blog post about them.

If you've never tried bamboo arrows you should consider them. Some people call them Nature's Carbon Arrow Shaft. They are tolerant of a wide range of bows and are very tough. If you want to keep things simple it's easy to mount plastic nocks and standard fieldpoints or broadheads to these shafts. With some more work a self-nock and a trade point would really be wonderful. Can you think of a better looking arrow to shoot from a self bow?
In between other projects I'm working on a set of these for myself. When I get them finished I'll post up pictures.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to purchase some of your arrows and bamboo. How should I contact you? I'm in Lakewood.


Guy Taylor said...

Hi, Jen. Thanks for your interest. You can email me at:
If that's Lakewood, CA then we're in luck as we may be able to save postage costs, I'm in Anaheim.

Todd said...


How do you seal your bamboo arrow shafts? What products?


Guy Taylor said...

Hi, Todd.
When working with bamboo I typically use gasket lacquer, polyurethane, or nothing at all.
A lot will depend upon how I want the arrows to look. For a primitive look I may not use anything, or a light coating of matt polyurethane if there is stain or artwork on the shaft to protect. If I'm not worried about a shine I may choose to use gasket lacquer or a higher gloss polyurethane.
The bamboo is a pretty solid material and I don't think it's really necessary to use a coating most of the time. When I do use one it's typically in order to achieve a certain look or for special protection.