Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bucket Brigade

Fayme and I decided to spend some time out in Quartzsite, Arizona this weekend. At this time of year they have a bunch of flea market-type events going on throughout the town. While they are mainly concentrated on gems and minerals you can also find all kinds of other stuff from antiques to motor home accessories... lots of fun.
We left Friday night after I got home from work. I gathered together the last minute stuff, we packed things into the truck, and off we went.
I've found really great utility in empty cat litter buckets for carrying odds and ends for camping. This time I had a bucket with a few snack foods, some ammunition, flashlights, and wet wipes for cleaning up. While I was getting something into the back of the truck Fayme came out with a couple more items and said she couldn't get the bucket out to me, it was too heavy. I know what I put into it and I'm thinking that it wasn't very heavy so I don't know what her problem was. I go to the apartment porch, bend down to grab the bucket handle and holy crap, this thing weights a ton! How did it get so heavy?! I lug it out to the truck, set it on the ground and prepare to hoist it into the bed. Then I see another bucket already in the bed and suddenly remember already bringing a bucket out. Once I got done laughing I clued Fayme into the joke. Can you already see what happened?

Here are the two buckets:
Here is what was inside the two buckets:
That's right, I carted a 40lb bucket of cat litter out to the truck. No wonder she couldn't lift it. Hope I don't make that mistake too often!
We had a great time in Quartzsite. I brought home 60lbs of obsidian and a few pounds of chert for knapping. I'm not very good at it right now so this stuff will help me get just that much better. The obsidian was $.50 a pound so I was pretty pleased at that. I got one piece of bloodstone jasper that will someday make a very beautiful arrowhead, if I don't screw it up first.
The weather couldn't have been better. Daytime temps were on the warm side and night time was just cold enough that a campfire and the sleeping bag were just great.


Anonymous said...

Great to see you update!

don't feel bad I have done the same thing with 5 gallon buckets of tools, emergency supplies and the like. Now I label everything.

Guy Taylor said...

It was a good mistake with the buckets. I'm still giggling a little over it. It is not unusual for me to be a little stressed when we're getting the truck loaded and trying to get going so that was a welcome humerous moment to lighten the mood.
My apologies for the slow updates. Sometimes I know just what I want to say but more often I sit and stare at the screen with a dazed look on my face.
I'm working at getting better!

Guy Taylor said...

You know, it just occured to me that one of those buckets was labeled just fine. It said 40lbs CAT LITTER right across the front!