Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Arrows for Texas

I sent these out today and they're a little different than usual.

Matt wanted some arrows just like I recently posted but with a red band part way down the shaft so he could find them easier when the target jumped aside.

I also put together some arrows for Chet, Matt's son. He said Chet likes darker colors. From the video I saw, Chet will put these to good use.

Matt's wife had a rough time with breast cancer for a few years but has now beat the devil. Matt mentioned that there wasn't a "pink" event within driving distance that they don't attend.
How could I not make these arrows for a courageous lady?

As you can see, these three sets of arrows are very different from one another. But the feathers and the cresting keep them all in the same family, just like their new owners are.

Happy archery, Matt & family!


Anonymous said...

My son shot his today. They were awesome. He loves the colors and boy howdy do they fly straight. Great Arrows from a Great Man! Thank You!!!


I will break out the Pink Ones for my wife at the next 3 D shoot. She will go bananas over them.

Guy Taylor said...

Too cool, Matt!
I just about didn't send the arrows for your son, I wanted to keep them for myself.
The pink arrows turned out really well, too. I hope your wife enjoys them.