Monday, March 8, 2010

A Very Handy But Inexpensive Tool

There are obviously a lot of different tools used in arrow making. Some necessary (depending upon your viewpoint) and some that just help the process go easier.
This is one of those tools that help things go easier for me.
When working on arrows we can't always have them all in our hands. Eventually it is necessary to set a shaft down while we work on another shaft or we need to let something dry. The best tool I have for holding arrows is a box that was given to me by a good friend. I think Salvador won this at a shoot and it bounced around in his garage until he got tired of looking at it and offered it to me. I jumped on it... figuratively.

The Arrow Caddy looks pretty much like an office file box, the kind the bookkeeper uses to store files that won't be accessed very often. The difference is in the 54 holes punched in the lid and the matching holes in an insert that sits midway down the inside of the box. These 54 holes let us store 54 arrows upright and in little danger of tipping over when the cat rubs up against them. I use the box to hang onto arrows while the nock glue is drying, while cap paint or dye is drying, while cresting is drying, etc. It's become a very handy tool in my shop and I'd really miss it if it ever walked away.
I've only seen this box in one archery catalog: FS Archery in California. For $8.99 it's not a half bad deal.

For those individuals handy in the shop an industrial strength arrow caddy box can be made with some plywood and an "egg crate" fluorescent light diffuser grid from the hardware store.

The company that makes the Arrow Caddy also makes the Arrow Hook, a tool that is very helpful for finding arrows that skip along just under the grass and leaves after a target is missed... but we'd hardly ever use a tool like that, right? I mean, who misses a target? 

It even holds miniature arrows. How can you beat that?

Do you have any special tools in your arrow shop that really make life easier for you?

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Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

This box gets used almost constantly. I think we could use another one.