Monday, April 19, 2010

Chamberlin Shoot Pictures

Photography is wonderful. Aside from the wonderful art that can be created with photography, there is still the documentation of people, places, and events that can be done.
The only problem is, to do it well you pretty much have to dedicate your time to photography. I've tried to take pictures during a shoot or an outing and just end up with a bunch of crappy half-framed snapshots. Sure, the event is documented, you can see that the trees were green and that Sal was using his osage bow, but there's no art, no feeling, and sometimes no focus to the pictures.
Enter the dedicated photographer. This is an individual who has invested the time, the money, and the energy into taking... no, crafting is a better word .... crafting beautiful pictures that show the event and also show the life, the vitality, and the wonder of what we do.
This is kind of a long lead up to Julian Chan's Flickr page for Chamberlin where he has posted some of the many pictures he took during the Chamberlin Ranch shoot. Julian has a bow and loves archery, but that weekend he dedicated himself to the art of photography and I can't thank him enough. I hope you enjoy his efforts as much as I do.

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