Saturday, April 17, 2010

Newest Work

For awhile I wasn't sure if I'd be able to go to the Chamberlin Ranch shoot. When I found out I could go I began a mad rush to make arrows for sale and to get ready for the shoot.
While some of the following arrows have gone on to new homes, I wanted to put up pictures because there were some really nice arrows put together. Heck, if I can't show off the work I do on my blog, what's the point of having a blog?!

These red and black arrows were one of the most popular sets I had on my table. Everyone loved them. But out of everyone who thought they were great, they were the wrong spine. I did get a couple orders, though: "Make them just like those." Sure, I can do that.
These arrows are spined 40/44 and are already cut to 30" back of point with field points mounted. They're discounted from my regular price; $90.00 for the dozen.

Same type of design, just different colors. These arrows are spined 50/54, cut to 30" BOP with field points mounted, discounted at $90.00 dz.

Something different here. Going with the basic design I did on some bamboo arrows these arrows have small flowers hand painted in the crest area. If you want something really unique, these arrows are for you. I got a lot of comments on these. A couple folks asked where I got the little flower decals. I love to hear that... means I did them good.
These are spined at 30/34, cut to 30" BOP with field points mounted, discounted at $90.00 dz.

This is a special pattern that I love to do. It always turns out very striking and very unique. Have you ever seen purple nocks? 
These are spined at 35/39, cut to 30" BOP with field points mounted, discounted at $90.00 dz.

Similar to the above arrows in style, these arrows have gone on to a new home. I had been holding out to sell them to a virgin but the guy had cash in his hands and I couldn't resist that. If you like these, I can make more.

I tried out something different on these and while they didn't look bad, I wasn't completely happy with the way the crown paint covered. I sold them as cosmetic blems at a very good discount. One thing is almost certain: the archer using these arrows may break them, but he will have a difficult time losing them.

These arrows were commissioned as a wedding present for a wonderful lady. Do you think she likes purple?

Almost forgot these. They've been sold but I can make more if you like them. Same type of pattern as the red/black and the blue/black but in green/black. Did I mention I love this pattern?


You know, every once in awhile I put together some arrows that look so good I don't want to send them to their new homes. This is one of those sets. This gentleman wanted arrows similar to some I recently sent to New York. I did the cresting slightly different and I think the whole effect is just perfect.

Happy archery!


Garith said...

The last set is amazing. I love the way it came out. Sounded like you had fun.

Guy Taylor said...

All modesty aside, I know I do good work. But sometimes I surprise myself with a set like that.
The Chamberlin shoot was a blast. Julian took a lot of pictures and I'll do a post soon with a link to his Flickr photo pages where he is posting them.