Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nice Work From Others

Every once in a while someone will contact me regarding the blog and I get to chat with other artists who have similiar interests to mine.

Jeff from the UK was interested in how I did some effects on the arrows so we went back and forth on that for awhile. While I haven't yet seen the arrows we discovered a common interest in basket quivers and he sent me a picture of the one he recently made.

Jeff did a great job on the quiver and I hope mine (when I eventaully get to it) looks half as nice.

Kathy (Killdeer on TradGang) has been making her own arrows for a long time. Recently she made some and honored me by incorporating a painting technique I explained here on the blog. Kathy doesn't make arrows professionally but I suspect her style and skill could give a number of professional fletchers a run for their money.

She also takes better pictures than I do!

Many thinks to both of you for reading the Greenman Archery blog and for allowing me to use your pictures here.

Happy archery!

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