Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finally... A New Post!

I was hoping for more feedback on the cresting question I had on the previous post so I've been delaying making a new post so it would stay on top.
I've waited long enough and it doesn't look like I'll get a whole lot of feedback there. Thanks very much to those who did put in their thoughts on cresting.

On to the new stuff!! Hang on, this may be a wild ride, we've got new arrows for Mike, Delia, Sarah, Don, Derek, Alex, and Lloyd.

Let's do Mike first...
Mike and his significant other, Paige, are faithful attendees of the monthly Pasadena Primitive Skills Gatherings. Mike has been doing pretty good on making bows and has recently begun learning how to forge hot metal, too. Paige does some wonderful needlework and her Japanese cord braiding is just a joy to look at.
Paige contacted me recently about doing some arrows for Mike's birthday. We figured out what he'd like and I went at it. One special point Paige wanted on the arrows was Mike's nickname, "Murph," written on the arrows in gold ink. Let me tell you, that gold lettering gave me hairballs! Not only did I have to scramble to find something that would be compatible with the finishes I use but the gold ink had a tendency to spread. I went through two gold inks, three nibs, and two paint pens trying to find something that would work. Next time I do something like this it will be in good old black ink.

Moving right along, let's see Sarah's arrows.
Sarah is a wonderful woman who has been shooting at the Pasadena Roving Archer's range and getting instruction and feedback from some of the more experienced archers there. When she said she wanted to get wood arrows they referred her to me. Thanks, guys!
For her first wood arrows we decided to keep the cost down and go with something somewhat plain, but we still wanted them to be Sarah's Arrows. We did good.

Sarah met me last Sunday while I was at the range for the Gathering to get her new arrows. She immediately went over to the target area to try them out. Not half an hour later she was suddenly standing next to me with a smile from ear to ear. "I didn't know I could shoot that good!"
Good equipment will help, but it's still up to the person holding the bow to do the right thing when facing the target.

Don is from Phoenix, AZ and shoots for White Wolf Custom Bows. He's been looking for a wood arrow maker who can give him what he wants and I hope I've satisfied that requirement.
I know one thing, anyone who says they can't see these arrows had better double check to make sure their eyes are open.

When you get a chance, check out those White Wolf Custom Bows. They're really pretty nice.

Note: someone asked me where they could get arrow wraps like this and like I used on the pink arrows shown further down.
Sorry I couldn't help but these are all hand made, I don't use arrow wraps. Arrow wraps are fine if you don't have the time or inclination to do it otherwise but when someone orders handmade arrows from me that's exactly what they get, handmade wood arrows - no arrow wraps and no fletch tape (ok, I do use manufactured wood shafts).

You know the problem with working with creative people? They always make me think and push my skills.
Here's what Derek said: "I want the shafts stained black, but the last part of the shaft left natural."

Alex wanted a crown color but no cresting. I'm very pleased with the way these turned out.
That little mark in front of the feathers is what Alex wanted to note the cock feather. I didn't think I'd ever do pyrography on arrows but there it is.

Lloyd was standing around with some friends at the Woodley Park archery range and they got to wondering what spiral painted arrows would look like flying through the air.
Dang it, here I go again trying to figure out how to do something I've never done before...

I've saved Delia for last not because her arrows turned out poorly, but because I didn't want her and her arrows lost amidst all the others.
I understand she's officially in remission but that doesn't mean she doesn't get some nice pink arrows.

This last picture is used without permission, I've never met Delia and had to pull this picture from the Leatherwall thread where her condition has been updated for her fans.
I sure hope Delia doesn't read my blog, she doesn't know these arrows are coming to her!

That's all for now. I trust you've enjoyed seeing my recent work. If you'd like to see your arrows here just let me know and we'll see what we can do about getting an order of custom arrows started for you.

Note: I am occasionally asked why I only make six arrows. Actually, unless only six arrows are what is ordered I make a full dozen on custom orders. I usually only take pictures of six so the picture doesn't get too crowded.

Happy archery!

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