Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Do You Like?

Ok, opinions wanted here.

Cresting on an arrow can take a lot of different forms. I doubt there is an arrow maker out there who hasn't developed their own style, and it's likely going to be at least a little different from other arrow makers.

One difference in cresting style that we see is long vs. short or many lines vs. a few lines.
I've seen a few arrows that have cresting extending for over two inches, and some extreme examples that have lines the whole length of the crown, about nine or ten inches. One local arrow maker bragged to me that he was working on arrows that had over 100 lines.

My personal preference is for relatively short cresting. Most of what I do is well under two inches. I feel that while the cresting is an important design element of the arrow, its main purpose is to soften the transition from the crown color to the rest of the shaft. It should look good but not dominate the appearance of the arrow.
Of course, this is a modern interpretation of the purpose for cresting. It used to be used as an identifier for the owner of the arrow. It still can serve that purpose but the rest of the arrow is generally so different from what our companions are using that there is little danger of confusion.

I'd like to know is what you like. Please take a couple minutes to leave a comment to let me know what kind of cresting you enjoy the most on your arrows.
Lots of lines?
Not so many lines?
Don't worry if you're not registered with Blogger. You can leave an anonymous comment without having to register. But please do leave a comment, I'd really like to see what other archers think on this subject.

Happy archery!


Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

My preference is to have just a few lines in coordinated colors, with one metallic for bling. Making arrows is already labor intensive, so who wants to do 100 lines per arrow on a dozen arrows? Also, the more lines, the more chance of mucking it up along the way. Plus it detracts from the beauty of the fletching if there is too much going on cresting wise.

Garith said...

I like a few lines and in coordinated colors like Lade Arwen, However I do like a bit more then what we worked on last time anything more then that is just too much time on something that is going to get used.

Anonymous said...

I like a few stripes, some that match the cock feather and the nock, with metal striping.


Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

I was hoping a lot more people would comment. I guess they are busy with summer vacations and all.

I hope you'll post some of your new airbrushed arrows.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guy, its Noel(censu)here, with your arrows its hard to say what one likes, I like them all, but generally I like few lines, and more the classic solid colours.I prefere cresting not to be too long.