Friday, June 11, 2010

Arrows for King Arthur and Arrows for Kate

Remember I mentioned that I would be making some arrows to donate to the San Diego Archer's King Arthur's Tournament to be held on June 20th?
Well, they're done and in their hands.

The arrows are Sitka spruce, #45/49 spine, weight matched. I left them full length so whoever wins them can cut them to the appropriate size, 125gr field points are in the box with the arrows. I trust that they'll go to a loving home.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the shoot myself as that's the same day as the monthly Pasadena gathering. I hope you guys have a great time!


Kate wanted arrows that would be easy to see.

All I can say is, "be careful what you ask for!"


Tomorrow, June 12, we'll be at an SCA event in Fountain Valley, CA.
This is the Gyldenholt Anniversary event and will be held at the archery range in Mile Square Park.
There will be archery, heavy weapons, and rapier competitions. For those of a more gentile nature, an Arts and Sciences Champion will also be chosen.
I can't sell things at this event so I'll be taking the new Bowyer's Bench to play with in the shade of our overhead. If you come to the event, please drop by and visit for a bit, I'd love to meet you.

Happy archery!

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Mr Spontaneous said...

If you ever decide to come to the UK there are lots of archery sites to practice. Visit for a list.