Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something Special, New Arrows for a Warrior

Let's see if I can write this so it makes sense.
About three months ago Matt contacted me to make some red arrows for him. As we discussed the red arrows I learned that Matt's wife has been battling breast cancer for about the past eight years and was finally coming out on top of the battle.
It is obvious that Matt dearly loves Pamela and is very proud of her strength and determination. Matt mentioned that there isn't a "pink" event in their area that they don't attend to support other survivors and women going through their own battles with this horrible disease. When I learned that someone was making a pink bow for Pamela I decided to surprise her and Matt with a few pink arrows to go with that new pink bow.
Jump forward a couple months and Matt made a post on TradGang that showed, in part, the pink arrows that I and three other fletchers had given to Pamela. He also mentioned that while attending a 3D shoot in Vanderpool, TX they met Melanie, a woman who has been having her own battle with cancer for 20 years. After the shoot Pamela sent Melanie some of her pink arrows and they arrived just before another round of chemotherapy. It sounds like they cheered her up a bit.
I couldn't bear the thought of Melanie not having some special arrows of her own so I got in touch with Matt and got a bit of information. I'll put Melanie's new arrows in the mail tomorrow and she will have them in a few days. I hope she likes the way they turned out as much as I do.
Health and Good Archery, thanks for reading

Update - Melanie called me Monday to let me know she got the arrows.  I won't go into details on the conversation lest I embarrass  myself. Let's just say she was surprised, and she does like them.
Thanks, Melanie. You really made my day.


Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

Those are amazing.

Iliana said...

WOW!!!! The arrows are FANTASTIC!!! I've always loved the way you play with colors, just wonderful!!

And I bet those women appreciate your compassion and support very much! I admire you for that!


spark said...

Guy has always been very artistic, I remember the fishing pole wraps he did a million years ago (seems like that long, anyway, lol) always had an eye for color & balance & these arrows are a real feather in his cap if you'll pardon the alliteration :)
Beautiful job my friend, should consider showing these to the Susan Komen foundation.
Big hugs & much love,

Shannon Wiroll said...

Mom is a survivor, both grandmas had sis and I have both had biopsies already, clean so far by the grace of God. She gun hunts and my kids and I shoot the bows. I would DEFINITELY INVEST IN THESE!! If you take the advice to approach the Komen Foundation...please let us know. Those are gorgeous! Pride in your craft shines through!