Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Arrow Work

Here are the latest arrows with a decal on them. I am really liking what I can do with these.

To start at the beginning…

Gary has gotten a few sets of arrow from me but they’ve all been for his own use (for the most part, his sons seem to abscond with his arrows pretty frequently).  This time it was Gary’s wife’s turn for new arrows.
The funny thing is, Gary hates pink. I mean he’s flat out allergic to the color. When I make his arrows I have to keep all the parts at least five feet away from anything pink. But Diane loves pink. Just for the fact that he ordered pink arrows for her you can see what they have between them.
Gary specified the horn reinforced self nock, pink fletching, and pink stain crown. I asked him if I could try something special and he gave me the go-ahead.

When Gary and Diane were married a few months ago they had these cute little bookmarks at each table setting. Someone had made up a bit of artwork for the bookmarks that had D and G on it with a stylized bow and arrow between the letters. I scanned a bookmark and then spent more time than I want to admit taking out everything but that little logo. We can safely say that I am not a professional graphic artist. The end result is what got printed on the decal.

Reports are that Diane loves the arrows and they shoot well from her bow. I couldn’t ask for more than that.  

Thanks, Gary and Diane!

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