Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ok, folks… hold on to your hats, it’s finally happened… is alive!

Through the hard work of a talented (and patient) web site builder, Steve Varma, we just took the site live today. Click on the link above and you’ll go directly to the home page.
Once on the site you’ll see a menu on the left side letting you choose from such wonderful pages as, Gallery of Past Work, Available Items, Ordering Information, About Greenman, and a plethora of other wonderful pages just chock full of great stuff.

Ok, I’m going overboard a little here but I must be excused as I’m really quite happy about the site going live. Steve has done a great job telling me what he needed and then getting it all together into something that will work.

Don’t worry, this blog will continue to exist and will continue to be a repository for my thoughts and my work. The new site will make ordering these products from me much easier and will give me a better forum for showing my work. One disadvantage I’ve had with the blog is the transitory nature of the posts. If I put up pictures of arrows I currently have available, that post will move off the page once I make another post or two. It’s a challenge to sell stuff when folks don’t know what’s available!

Let me know what you think of the new site!
Click the link above to get to the site, once there you should bookmark it immediately so you don’t lose it and you can easily return later. Wander through the site, check things out, read the information, look at the pictures… let me know what you think. I don’t want this site to be one of those that hasn’t been updated in a year and eight months. I’ll be changing the Gallery pictures occasionally to showcase other arrows, I’ll be adding some more information as I get it thought of and then written. Do you have ideas of what you’d like to see or what you’d like to read? Let me know!

Happy, happy, joy, joy.... archery!


Garith said...

Checked out the site looks great. You might want to put pricing on the horn nocks, thread reenforced nock etc since those are extras to the arrows. Kinda helps people finger out (lol)prices when they look at what is available page and then add in the extras they want.

Sorry been away been busy working on my two blogs, CERT blog, work, life etc.

Guy Taylor said...

It's great to see you, Jose! I've been wondering what happened to you.
Thanks for your feedback on the site. I have to say I agree with you. I will be changing a few things as time passes and adding those prices is top on the list.

Keep in touch!