Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gourd Drums

I started these two gourd drums some time ago but put them aside when I ripped the rawhide when trying to fasten a head on the brown gourd. Fayme rekindled my interest in the project recently and this time I had a bit better success.
The blue gourd got a different fastening method and I definately like that method better. Both drums sound great to my untrained ear.


Anonymous said...

That looks good. How did you do the blue?

Guy Taylor said...

Well, if I told you how to do it then everyone will know how to do it...
Man, did that statement ever piss me off when I was a kid trying to learn how to wrap fishing rods.
The way I look at it, knowledge is like love: it's best shared with others.

How do we make the blue/green finish? It's actually not difficult.
I used alcohol based leather dye. Start by putting blue on the gourd. I used a random application with some areas left with no dye. After that's on I applied yellow. Where the yellow and blue combine the dye turns green. That's why you see a mixture of blue, green, and some yellow. For an additional effect you can splatter or drip or paint on some rubbing alcohol which will cause the dye to run and blend even more.
This whole process is one of those things that you kind of have to play with to see what you like. The good thing is that with no preconception of what will happen... it all looks good!

Have fun and thanks for asking.


Guy Taylor said...

Almost forgot, for a topcoat I used spray polyurethane, high gloss. Do as many coats as necessary for the depth of finish desired. Be sure to follow the polyurethane's directions. It would be a shame to put so much work into the piece only to screw it up by not reading the directions.