Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Gourd Art

This piece is something of a departure for me.
Typically I do gourd art that has a use, a purpose, something you can do with it.
Canteens, cups, bowls, jugs... that sort of thing.

Well, this one is absolutely useless as a functional gourd. It's art. At least, I think it's art.

My Heart is Locked for You is 3 1/2" high and 5" in diameter.

The heart on the lid is imitation gold leaf outlined by acrylic paint. The body of the gourd has been stained with leather dye and the whole thing has been sealed with lacquer.

The lid is fastened down by 4 brass straps. I guess you could unscrew the straps to find out what is inside the heart... but then the heart wouldn't be locked any longer.
And that's the point: My Heart is Locked for You.

What do you think? Have I wasted a perfectly good gourd or am I an artistic visionary with a devious mind?


Garith said...

I think it came out very nice. I really like the way the gold leaf came out.
I guess you didn't find any hinges or hasps that you liked?

Guy Taylor said...

Nope, I found some hinges that would do the job but came up short on a hasp and lock. I decided to fabricate these straps out of brass stock. I actually think the effect came out better.

Thanks for your compliments!


Rick and Lynn said...

We think it is just Beautiful!! I know it was inspired by your deep feelings for Fame.
You are an "artistic visionary" and should make more pieces that express sentimental thoughts and expressions.The gourd you made for us is a great example,with the inscription "The union of Male and Female" and symbols of them.
I thought you said you are not an artist? It looks artistic and wonderful to us. : )
PS. It would also be very saleable !

Guy Taylor said...

Thanks Rick and Lynn!
Knowing the level of your own work at Synergy Art, your words come to me as high praise indeed.
Actually, I'll let you in on a little secret: as of very recently I no longer have a day-to-day job. This gourd is most definately for sale! As will be most things posted in this blog: arrows, bamboo arrow shafts, gourd work, etc. Except the cats... if you see a cat he's not for sale.