Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Arrows for Richard

I just finished these arrows for Richard Saffold of Richard's Bowyery.
Rather than a whole set of arrows all the same, Richard needs a variety of arrows so he can test the bows he makes to see what works best with each bow. When needed he includes a couple of these arrows with the bow when it goes to a new home so the new owner has an idea on what to get when they purchase arrows.
For Richard I typically make two arrow sets in a mix of spines and total weights. That little grey area of cresting is where I write the spine and physical weight of the arrow.

I tried some new colors on these arrows. The two greens turned out really nice as did the green metallic. The purple is exceptional and I'm still amazed at how good a purple arrow looks. I wish someone would order a set so I could make more purple arrows.
Do you remember Julian, the 85 year old fellow in New York state who shoots my arrows with one of Richard's bows? Richard just told me that he heard from him recently and he's headed for England for some longbow competition. He's still very pleased with Richard's bow and my arrows. Best of luck to you, Julian!


Garith said...

Arrrgh you always come up with some great colors but I am broke. This sucks.

I am hoping to see you this weekend.

Guy Taylor said...

Hello, Garith!
I will be in Pasadena on Sunday. It'll be great to see you.
Have you been able to do anything with that canteen gourd yet?