Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pasadena Traditional 3D Shoot - October 25

The Pasadena traditional 3D shoot is coming up soon on October 25.
This will be a good shoot to attend. Ron is a dedicated traditional shooter and he's been bugging the Pasadena Roving Archers to put on a trad only shoot. Since he's the one running it, we can be assured it will be fun and well run.
I'll have the Greenman Archery booth set up to sell custom wood arrows, gourd art from both Fayme and I, and knitted and crocheted products Fayme makes. She's been making some great caps and tams from 100% wool in colors that are good for the outdoorsman. I think she'll also have some of the jewelry she makes. I'll also have some killer gourd drums that I've been making. You won't want to miss those!
Richard Saffold is getting some of his bows to me so I'll have them available, too. Richard was one of the first bowyers to use ipe, a tropical hardwood that makes incredible bows. He's written a couple articles for traditional archery magazines regarding these bows and they are being used all over the world by happy archers.
Sagittarius Archery should be there as well. If you need feathers, points, shafts, or other archery supplies be sure to see them. I know I'll be dropping a pile of money on their table as I'm running low on a few things. They're great folks to deal with.

Be sure to stop by to say hello to me. I'd love to meet you and get some feedback on the blog.

Happy shooting!

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