Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great Event!

Wow, did we ever have a great time at the SCA Agincourt Tourney last Sunday.
In the days leading up to the event I was being a bit of a weenie worrying about the weather. I hate trying to keep my goods dry under the overhead and I didn't want to get all the way to the site and find out that it was canceled for rain.
Luckily, the day was great. Weather was a little bit overcast and cool but there was no hint of moisture until right as we were packing up to leave.

Typically, I don't sell a lot of ready-made arrows. I have a few dozen on my table so people have something to look at and see examples of the art I do but I have always thought that the chances of an archer finding the right arrow dynamics (spine, tip weight, length, etc.) in colors that they like are rather slim. That's why I make true custom arrows, so we can get all that stuff done right.
Well, this event proved me wrong. Of the five or six sets of arrows on the table, three of them are now in new loving homes. I don't really have time to make more arrows for the table before this coming weekend's Queen's Champion event so I hope everyone understands that my display will be a little bare until I've had a chance to get more put together.

Those Asian flavor bow socks I just made got a good reception. One gentleman was looking for a bow sock for his Asiatic recurve and when I showed him those cases it turned out to be just perfect. If you're gonna have utility, there's no reason why that utility can't be beautiful.

After this weekend's event I have a suggestion: if you get a new set of arrows start out close to the target.
One gentleman this weekend had the first two shots with his new arrows sail right over the target. The new arrows were apparently faster and had a flatter trajectory than what he was used to. One of those overshot arrows was recovered but the last I heard, one was still out there in the grass.
Lesson learned, start close to see how things go before backing up.

Happy archery!


Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...
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Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

For as awesome as last week's event was, the event we just went to didn't fare as well. Bad weather and low turn-out are two things vendors don't need. I still had fun though, once I got into some dry clothes and got to shoot some arrows.

Jack said...
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Jack said...


It's Fang. It's a slow day at work and I typed "Guy Taylor arrows" and I found the blog. You're famous!

Well, I'm still working at the same place. This year I went to Germany, and had a really cool time.

How are you doing?

Guy Taylor said...

Jack/John/Fang-Jei, what a wonderful thing it is to hear from you!
Drop me a line on my regular email and we can catch up on life: