Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hand Dyed Canvas Bow Socks are Back!

I’ve been running low on the longer lengths of canvas bow socks so I finally bit the bullet, bought another roll of fabric and made another order of dye.
For about the last week I’ve been cutting, washing, dyeing, washing, and sewing bow socks in the 70” and 80” sizes.
While I personally don’t care for padded bow socks I realize that some archers like them. Problem is, most padded socks are made of wool or fleece and those materials tend to collect stickers and pine needles. Both of which can be a real pain to remove from the fabric.
This go-round I’m making a few fleece lined canvas socks to see how they are received. These socks will have the advantage of a strong sticker-resistant canvas outside and a padded fleece inside. I will have some in both the 70” and the 80” bow socks.
I recently saw some really nice fabric with a decided Oriental flare to it. I’m going to get some of that and make a few canvas lined bow socks out of it. These will be really striking and unique socks that will be just the thing for an Asiatic recurve bow.
The new roll of canvas I got came at a higher price than the last roll I bought so I’m afraid these new socks will be a little higher price than in the past:
Hand dyed 10oz canvas bow sock - $10.00
Hand dyed 10oz canvas bow sock w/fleece lining - $15.00
Asian pattern bow sock w/canvas lining - $15.00
Bow socks that I still have in stock from before will remain at the old price of $8.00 each until they are gone. I’ve never really understood why stores raise prices on old stock when the new stuff comes in higher. I’m sure it makes sense to an accountant somewhere but it doesn’t to me.

Events Coming Up
It looks like the next event I'll be at is the SCA Altavia Agincourt Archery & Thrown Weapons Tournament at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA on Sunday, October 24th

After that is Queen's Champion Equestrian, Archery, and Thrown Weapons on October 29-31 near Santa Barbara, CA. (not yet confirmed on this one, I'll make a note when I am). Confirmed!

In November is one of the premier 3D shoots for Southern California, the Gene Foster Memorial Traditional Rendezvous, November 13-14 up outside Fresno, CA. A good friend has been trying to get me to this shoot for a few years and this year it will finally happen. I'm really looking forward to being there.

Finally, the Shire of Heatherwyne is holding Medieval Marketplace on Saturday, November 27, Kunz Park in La Verne, CA. Not an archery event but this one promises to be fun.

I got this in an email recently. While I am normally fairly modest it made me so happy I just have to share it:
Greetings Guy: I just wanted to give you a BIG Thank you.  I have had and shot alot of arrows over the years but your arrows are superior. They love my longbow and it loves them. I am shooting groups with your arrows I have not been able to shoot with other arrows. Just wanted to say GREAT JOB and keep it up. Thanks again. Don

Woo hoo!
But, lest I forget myself and try to take all the credit, good equipment will only get an archer so far. It still takes a skilled hand at the string to get the arrow going to the target.

Happy Archery! 


kite said...

I live in portland or. and have been looking for a simple canvas bow sock for quite some time now. How would I go about ordering one from you?


-Noah K.

Guy Taylor said...

Hi, Noah. Thanks for asking.
Drop me an email at and we can go from there.

Thank you, Guy