Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanks Everyone!

You can't see it but there is a hit counter on each of my blogs.
Besides the number of hits I get on each blog I can also see interesting information like where a particular visit is coming from and if a visitor uses a link from the blog to exit.
Trust me, I can't tell who anyone is or get specific information about them. The best I can do is see about where a reader is in the world.
Speaking of which... take a look at this map, it shows the general location of recent visitors to Greenman Archery:

(click to enlarge)
A visitor from Johannesburg, South Africa... is the Internet great, or what?

From the time I started the hit counter to today, when I am typing this post, there have been 8,375 visits to Greenman Archery, 999 visits to Greenman Cooking, and 409 visits to Greenman Gourds (that's always been a slow blog, both in my posting and in visits).

Thanks to everyone who reads the blog on a regular basis and to those who just stop for a quick visit. Thanks especially to those of you whom I have had the pleasure to communicate with and answer your questions. 
Not a whole lot of people sign up to follow the blogs or actually leave feedback, but that's just human nature. I still appreciate everyone who has been here.

Happy blogging!


Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

Look at all those veiwers from the east coast of the US and from Europe! It's amazing how word gets around.

Guy Taylor said...

I attribute the amount of European visits to PaleoPlanet, which has a very strong international presence.

Elephantman said...

Wow that was great and thanks for the advice. Hey! can you help me around my site it is
If you could that'd be great