Monday, April 19, 2010

CVA Pacific Coast Traditional Challenge, Simi Valley, CA

The Chamberlin Ranch shoot is fading into our memories (except for Salvador, who is still gloating about winning the clout shoot and getting a new quiver from the quiver raffle) but there is another great trad shoot coming right up:
The Conejo Valley Archers Pacific Coast Traditional Challenge is fast approaching us on May 1-2. This is a great two-day shoot that I look forward to every year. The club does a great job and everyone seems to have a good time. Camping is available at the county park next to the range. A special arrangement with the county gives tent campers a price of $5 per night. Truck campers with no hook up is $10 and RV camping is $37.
We'll be there with the booth selling custom arrows and taking orders for same. I sold out of beef jerky at the Chamberlin shoot but I'm making more as I type this. Other vendors with wonderful wares will also be there, many of them with hand made goods that can be difficult to find elsewhere. I think there will be at least two custom knife makers in attendance.

If you can come out for both days, great! If you can only make it for one day, no problem! Either way, come have fun with us.

Who is with me?!

Chamberlin Shoot Pictures

Photography is wonderful. Aside from the wonderful art that can be created with photography, there is still the documentation of people, places, and events that can be done.
The only problem is, to do it well you pretty much have to dedicate your time to photography. I've tried to take pictures during a shoot or an outing and just end up with a bunch of crappy half-framed snapshots. Sure, the event is documented, you can see that the trees were green and that Sal was using his osage bow, but there's no art, no feeling, and sometimes no focus to the pictures.
Enter the dedicated photographer. This is an individual who has invested the time, the money, and the energy into taking... no, crafting is a better word .... crafting beautiful pictures that show the event and also show the life, the vitality, and the wonder of what we do.
This is kind of a long lead up to Julian Chan's Flickr page for Chamberlin where he has posted some of the many pictures he took during the Chamberlin Ranch shoot. Julian has a bow and loves archery, but that weekend he dedicated himself to the art of photography and I can't thank him enough. I hope you enjoy his efforts as much as I do.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Newest Work

For awhile I wasn't sure if I'd be able to go to the Chamberlin Ranch shoot. When I found out I could go I began a mad rush to make arrows for sale and to get ready for the shoot.
While some of the following arrows have gone on to new homes, I wanted to put up pictures because there were some really nice arrows put together. Heck, if I can't show off the work I do on my blog, what's the point of having a blog?!

These red and black arrows were one of the most popular sets I had on my table. Everyone loved them. But out of everyone who thought they were great, they were the wrong spine. I did get a couple orders, though: "Make them just like those." Sure, I can do that.
These arrows are spined 40/44 and are already cut to 30" back of point with field points mounted. They're discounted from my regular price; $90.00 for the dozen.

Same type of design, just different colors. These arrows are spined 50/54, cut to 30" BOP with field points mounted, discounted at $90.00 dz.

Something different here. Going with the basic design I did on some bamboo arrows these arrows have small flowers hand painted in the crest area. If you want something really unique, these arrows are for you. I got a lot of comments on these. A couple folks asked where I got the little flower decals. I love to hear that... means I did them good.
These are spined at 30/34, cut to 30" BOP with field points mounted, discounted at $90.00 dz.

This is a special pattern that I love to do. It always turns out very striking and very unique. Have you ever seen purple nocks? 
These are spined at 35/39, cut to 30" BOP with field points mounted, discounted at $90.00 dz.

Similar to the above arrows in style, these arrows have gone on to a new home. I had been holding out to sell them to a virgin but the guy had cash in his hands and I couldn't resist that. If you like these, I can make more.

I tried out something different on these and while they didn't look bad, I wasn't completely happy with the way the crown paint covered. I sold them as cosmetic blems at a very good discount. One thing is almost certain: the archer using these arrows may break them, but he will have a difficult time losing them.

These arrows were commissioned as a wedding present for a wonderful lady. Do you think she likes purple?

Almost forgot these. They've been sold but I can make more if you like them. Same type of pattern as the red/black and the blue/black but in green/black. Did I mention I love this pattern?


You know, every once in awhile I put together some arrows that look so good I don't want to send them to their new homes. This is one of those sets. This gentleman wanted arrows similar to some I recently sent to New York. I did the cresting slightly different and I think the whole effect is just perfect.

Happy archery!