Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Update II...

I had blood drawn Monday for both my oncologist and my primary care doctor.
Tuesday we went to the hospital to see the oncologist. Good news is he sees no evidence of the cancer having returned and pronounced me in remission unless something unexpected pops up. Chemotherapy is still on hold until I get stronger. After the appointment, as Fayme wheeled me to the hospital entrance so we could leave, I am not ashamed to say that I wept.

After returning home I got a phone call from my primary doctor with his blood test results: high cholesterol, low vitamin D, and my thyroid gland isn’t working well. So watch my diet for the first item and medication for the other two. Fayme did a quick web search on thyroid problems and found they can lead to loss of taste, no longer feeling hunger, and low energy level. Three things that I struggle with. Hopefully the medication will work on those.
The doctor’s staff was supposed to call those prescriptions into the pharmacy yesterday. Fayme headed over to get them today. Despite the doctor’s office saying they have sent three times the pharmacy still has not received anything. My bet is they have incorrect contact information and are too stupid to make a simple phone call to verify it.
We have had nothing but trouble with this office since our first visit. First they spelled my name wrong and it took weeks for them to correct it. The issues have gone on from there.
Just got a text update... despite being told which pharmacy to use the doctor’s staff have repeatedly sent it to another pharmacy. Fayme is headed there now to pick them up.  
Does anyone have a recommendation for a new doctor?

I realized that my last update failed to acknowledge the considerable help we have received from some friends. For the sake of their privacy I won’t name anyone directly but know that what we have received has been helpful. From heartfelt well-wishes to those who donated hard earned money to a GoFundMe account that another good friend put together, it’s all been greatly appreciated.


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